DCSM 5V Panel
5V Standard
DCSM 5V Panel with double striations
5 V Double Striations
DCSM 5V Panel Striated
5V Multi Striations


ApplicationArchitectural, residential, commercial and industrial panels.
Coverage23.5″ panel coverage, with a 5/8″ seam height on Standard profile. 1/2″ seam height on Double and Multi Striated.
Minimum SlopeRecommended slope 2/12 or greater.
SubstrateRecommended substrate 1/2″ – 5/8” plywood with a minimum 30 lb. underlayment.
LengthPanels are continuous lengths from eave to ridge.
Fastening SystemExposed fastening system. Recommended that panels are fastened to substrate at center rib and inside rib of side lap, with a maximum spacing of 16″ o/c.
Fasteners1-1/2″ self-sealing neoprene washer screws.
MaterialsPanels are fabricated from 26 gauge or 24 gauge Galvalume*.
Coatings & Finishes26 gauge pre-painted Galvalume* panels are available in a variety of colors.
24 gauge pre-painted Galvalume* panels are available in a variety of colors and coated with a full-strength Kynar 500 finish.
Warranty20, 25, and 35 year manufacturer warranties available.
Approvals & TestingFlorida Building Code and Miami-Dade HVHZ product approvals, TAS 125 (UL-580 uplift resistance test), TAS 100-95 (wind driven rain test), Class A Fire Rating (UL-790), Quality Assurance Program.

Additional Panel Information

  • Panels are also available in Aluminum and 16 oz Copper.
  • Available in Standard, Double or Multi-striated panels.
  • All flashings and accessories are fabricated from the same coil stock as the panels.
  • 5-V orders are all-inclusive: panels, clips, screws, and all flashings are incorporated into one per square price.

* Galvalume uses an aluminum (55%) – zinc (45%) alloy coating that offers greater corrosive resistance, higher temperature oxidation resistance, and higher heat reflectivity than standard galvanized steel.

† Kynar 500 is a premium fluorocarbon coating, produced with full strength Kynar 500 resin. This affords maximum exterior durability due to its outstanding resistance to ultraviolet radiation. These are the highest quality finishes available.