DCSM Metal Roof Vent

The DCSM low profile metal roof vent sits on TOP of the standing seam rather than on the flat section of the panel. This makes more sense because it minimizes the potential for leaking and helps to shed the water away. The rear counter-flashing of the vent tucks underneath the ridge vent, and over top of the rear flange of the vent.

This vent is incorporated directly into our metal roof system and made from the same gauge metal and color as your main roof system. Available in all of the  DCSM standard colors, so it will match your metal roof system perfectly. This metal roof vent can be used anywhere you would have a typical range vent, plumbing vent, dryer vent etc. We are excited about this new low profile, water shedding design.

(Standing Seam example shown but also available for 5V metal roof systems!)


ApplicationThe DCSM Metal Roof Vent come in several different profiles specifically designed for each type of roof system.

For Standing Seam applications.

MaterialsAvailable in Galvalume*, aluminum or copper.
SizesAvailable widths are 12″, 16″ and 24″ to match the width of the panels.
Coatings & Finishes26 gauge pre-painted Galvalume* panels are available in a variety of colors.
24 gauge pre-painted Galvalume* panels are available in a variety of colors and coated with a full-strength Kynar 500.


  • Made from Galvalume not galvanized. Galvalume offers far superior corrosion resistance. Contact us for more details or literature.

* Galvalume sheet uses an aluminum (55%) – zinc (45%) alloy coating that offers greater corrosive resistance, higher temperature oxidation resistance, and higher heat reflectivity than standard galvanized steel.

Kynar 500 is a premium fluorocarbon coating, produced with full strength Kynar 500 resin. This affords maximum exterior durability due to its outstanding resistance to ultraviolet radiation. These are the highest quality finishes available.