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Raised Roof Vent

We have designed this new vent specifically to divert the water away from the vent on the back side.┬áThe width of the vent matches the 16″ wide of the standing seam panel.

Off Ridge Vent

The DCSM Off-Ridge Vent comes with a built in one piece flashing flange with a 1″ return and is available in many of our standard colors.

Ridge Vent for Metal Roofing

DCSM now offers continuous ridge vent for all of our metal roof systems, giving the customer a new alternative to the “off ridge” style vents, and in matching color with their roof system.

Inverted Ridge Anchor

We have developed the new inverted channel profile to hold foam or adhesive. It makes installation of hip/ridge cap much easier as it holds the foam or adhesive in place without running!