We have developed the new inverted channel profile to hold foam or adhesive. It makes installation of hip/ridge cap much easier as it holds the foam or adhesive in place without running!


ApplicationRT600 adhesive with screw.
Foam (1 or 2 part) with screw.
Foam or adhesive with no screw.
SizesAvailable in 5 standard sizes of 4″, 5″, 6″, 7″ or 8″ for various tile profiles.
Fasteners1 1/2″ self-sealing neoprene washer screws spaced 16″ o/c.
Approved ring shank nails spaced 6″ o/c., roof cement and membrane.
Materials26 gauge pre-painted Galvalume* in 10′ lengths. Other lengths available upon request. Available in a variety of colors.
Warranty20, 25, and 35 year manufacturer warranties available.
Approvals & TestingFBC product approval #FL-6046, FBC HVHZ approval # FL-8380, Quality Assurance Program.



  • Designed to divert water.
  • Fabricated from Galvalume* for corrosion resistance.
  • Beveled top edge to form to standard hip/ridge tile.
  • Easier and faster to install than traditional lumber and strapping
  • All DCSM products are made from Galvalume not galvanized. Galvalume offers far superior corrosion resistance. Contact us for more details or literature.

* Galvalume sheet uses an aluminum (55%) – zinc (45%) alloy coating that offers greater corrosive resistance, higher temperature oxidation resistance, and higher heat reflectivity than standard galvanized steel.

Kynar 500 is a premium fluorocarbon coating, produced with full strength Kynar 500 resin. This affords maximum exterior durability due to its outstanding resistance to ultraviolet radiation. These are the highest quality finishes available.